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The Shades of Pink Foundation, founded in 2005, provides temporary financial assistance to women who are experiencing financial distress as a result of breast cancer. Whether it's helping with a mortgage payment, rent, the grocery bills, transportation or a COBRA payment, Shades of Pink Foundation is committed to easing the financial burden of a breast cancer diagnosis for women in the Detroit metropolitan area.

Shades of Pink Foundation Walk at the Zoo Interview with Dawn Evola

Why: I grew up in the construction industry. Every, summer, every break I worked with my dad. I worked hard, and learned valuable skills and lesson to help create me. I have found a mission that I can utilize those skills and help people all around the world with building churches, medical clinics and educational institutions. It has meant a great deal to my dad, brother and I as we have dedicated a lot of time and resources to help this endeavor.

CWE is a non-profit organization under IRS – 501(c)(3), providing assistance to missionaries and national pastors around the world through the construction of facilities (churches, medical clinics, and educational institutions) to accommodate the preaching of God’s Word. CWE also facilitates foreign medical and agricultural missions to minister to people both physically and spiritually.